Ann loves people

Ann loves people

Ann loves people. Ann also loves the flowers, the trees, the animals, but certainly people. And that got Ann thinking. With Funny-Ann you can put funny things on a Tshirt. But what’s it worth? What is a nice Tshirt worth when it is made by someone who is slowly poisoned by pesticides during the production process of that same Tshirt. What is a nice Tshirt worth when the makers of that Tshirt can’t afford food and are hungry. So you know that, what is the fun of your Tshirt then? Ann doesn’t like that people are hungry or poisoned for a cheap Tshirt!!

sustainable approach

It is one of those things why Ann consciously opts for a sustainable approach. And such a sustainable approach is not just about the substances used to make a Tshirt or a tote bag. A sustainable approach is not just about the use of animals. But it is certainly about the people. The people who grow the cotton. The people who make a Tshirt or a bag out of it. And the people who print the stuff. That is why Ann and Funny-Ann support the norms and values ​​of the Global Organic Textile Standard, GOTS for short. The GOTS standard controls the entire chain. Starting with the farmers who grow the non-toxic cotton to the people who assemble the products. They see to it that the working conditions of the people in the broad sense are in order.


Another standard that Ann adheres to is that of the Fair Wear Foundation. This non-profit foundation talks to everyone with the goal of equality. Equality for all people. Women, men and anyone who feels like a man or woman or floats somewhere in between. Equality in pay and working conditions. In addition, they oppose child labour, forced labor and they stand up against the humiliation of people. Fair. Ann likes fair. A Tshirt like peoplespeople is not just an empty slogan.