feeling Berlin

feeling Berlin

Feeling Berlin is not that difficult. At least not for Ann, after all she lives in this city of millions. Berlin is one of those cities that is gray but at the same time so colorful. A city that can be so uncivilized at times, but also so sweet. That describes the feeling of “feeling Berlin”. Berlin carries its history. The pain is still palpable and visible in many places. On the other hand, also a modest pride that the city has once again survived a lot of misery. The Berliner has been through something. And that also makes the city philosophical.

A bustling city

A bustling city has emerged from the misery that Berlin has experienced. There are daily demonstrations here because there is always a group of people that need attention. Sometimes rightly so and sometimes not. No one is surprised anymore when a colorful procession passes through the city.
You will find many architectural styles in the city. From beautiful facades to gloomy concrete construction. The city is multicultural. Just look at what to eat here. It is impossible to imagine whether the country is represented here with one or more restaurants. And to Ann’s great pleasure, often in a vegan version or with vegan options. Food twinned and through food we also seem to understand each other better.

You must feel Berlin

In large parts of the city, the walls are covered with graffiti. From simple and often ugly signs to beautiful depictions. Ugly or beautiful, the graffiti is generally socially critical. There is always something being built in this city, everywhere. In the game between history, building, beautiful and ugly graffiti and fantastic good food, Ann is working on Funny-Ann. This is where the ideas come from. Whether it’s a drawing of a rabbit or a philosophical text. The city is a feeling. You must feel Berlin.