non-toxic vegan inks

non-toxic vegan inks

This is about the importants of non-toxic vegan inks. Funny-Ann sells t-shirts made of organic cotton and/or recycled materials. That is of course very good. And Ann is proud of that. The shirts have always been inspected by one or other environmental organization for durability and good working conditions. But what’s even nicer is that everything Ann has come up with and prints on those Tshirts is printed with environmentally friendly inks and even non-toxic vegan inks. Because it’s nice to have such an organic cotton shirt, but when the nice design printed on the shirt is toxic, the fun is quickly over. Then you make a mess of the theme of sustainability. And that’s not how Ann wants it.

certified inks

Ann uses only certified inks. They are certified by Oeko-Tex, GOTS and VEGAN organizations. Indeed, even vegan. The ink has therefore not been tested on animals. That is also a value that is highly valued at Funny-Ann. Nowadays there are sufficient techniques to develop inks without having to do those tests. And let’s be honest. Feeding a mouse ink to see if something is poisonous or not. Ann doesn’t want to think about it. Building an eco-conscious brand like Funny-Ann requires that you also include these things in what you do and don’t sell.


Ann likes to sum up where Funny-Ann stands for. Just because she’s very proud of it. All Funny-Ann articles are made of sustainable materials and/or recycled materials. Printed with non-toxic vegan inks. And of course shipping in paper or cardboard. Oh and everything is vegan. As Ann likes to say, whether you care about it or not, it’s vegan. And above all, non-toxic. Because there is already so much poison in this world. That is why you no longer have to ask the question: but when the nice design printed on the t-shirt is toxic.

Now that you know this, it’s fun to check out the bag-shop!