shipping in paper

Ann is sometimes asked why shipping in paper is such an important item for Funny-Ann. It may not sound sexy, but it’s super important. And actually it is very very simple. To keep the damage to the environment as small as possible, Funny-Ann tries to make choices for good products. So Tshits are from organic cotton. Bags are made of organic cotton and/or recycled polyester as much as possible. Bottles made of aluminum, which are easy to recycle. Cups of ceramic or steel with enamel. All conscious choices. When Funny-Ann sends these beautiful products in plastic, something is not right, isn’t it?

plastic soup

Everyone is familiar with the term plastic soup. The oceans in particular are highly polluted by plastic. Large pieces of plastic such as washing-up dishes or disposable spoons roam the world. And collecting often at the end of a water stream. But also the pieces of plastic that have crumbled. They are called microplastics. Animals that live in or from the sea ingest these plastics, which means that they often die early because they swallowed too much plastic. Or the microplastics end up in our drinking water or food. This makes people and animals sick. For more information, Ann likes to refer to the Plastic Soup Foundation.


Almost 40% of all plastic found is due to packaging. And that’s a lot. A lot. In second place is the construction industry with 20%. So we can do a lot of good with packaging. Packaging is required for a relatively short period of time. The use of paper and cardboard should be normal. Paper and cardboard can easily be reused or processed into new products. So why not. And since properly applied, it often provides better protection to the product than plastic. Well that’s why Funny-Ann chooses for shipping in paper and cardboard to send the products in.