organic cotton

the cotton that is organic

When you view the Funny-Ann website, you will have noticed that all t-shirts are made of organic cotton. Despite that the Funny-Ann sweaters contain recycled polyester, the cotton portion of the sweaters is also organic cotton. The cotton that is organic. But why organic? After all, an apple, a carrot or a head of lettuce that are organic sounds a lot more credible. You don’t eat cotton, so why is organic so important? Actually, it has everything to do with the production of the cotton. At the time of this writing, the production of organic cotton is still less than 5% of all cotton production. There is therefore still quite a bit of ground to be gained for the world in the area of ​​a better environment.


Where is the problem with cotton? In the production of ordinary cotton, terribly large amounts and bad chemicals are used as pesticides. Very bad and harmful to the environment. Humans as well as the earth and groundwater are being poisoned by the pesticides needed to grow cotton. In addition, there are large companies active in this market that drive up the price of the pesticides to such an extent that in many poor countries these farmers cannot even afford the chemicals. While they still depend on it. In addition to the chemistry, it appears that human rights and the production of cotton have a bad relationship with each other in all kinds of ways. Ann will come back to this later.

the organic way

In the cultivation of organic cotton, no genetically modified cotton types are used. At present, the cultivation of cotton cannot be done completely without pesticides or control methods. But the resources used are also of organic origin. These resources. are much less harmful to the environment. As a result, nature is considerably less burdened. Worldwide, various organizations ensure that the process of organic cultivation is actually carried out according to the rules. Despite the checks, there is still room for improvement in the production of organic cotton. Let’s hope that with advanced insight this will also happen in the near future.

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