Funny-Ann’s animals collection

The things that are important in the Funny-Ann’s animals collection

All products in Funny-Ann’s animals collection are all vegan. No animal has been harmed for the production of these goods. Ann would not like it at all if animals suffer pain or are poisoned for this. That’s why all these are these products made from vegan materials and printed with 100% eco-certified water-based inks. Even if you don’t think vegan is important, they are. Ann just doesn’t like pain. Not for people and not for animals.


Funny-Ann tries to be as sure as possible to buy the right products. That is why Ann chooses to buy products that meet important quality marks. To be sure that a product is vegan, Ann usually chooses products that are certified by PETA and EVE vegan. They are in line with the standards and value that Ann stands for with Funny-Ann. If it is the case that there is an organization that does not represent the value that Funny-Ann attaches so much value to. Then Ann immediately takes action.


If you have any questions about the Funny-Ann products, please feel free to contact us via the contact page.

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