The things that are important in the Funny-Ann’s poster-shop

All the posters in the Funny-Ann’s poster-shop have sustainability in common. The posters are made from FSC approved paper and printed with poison free inks. So they are all vegan. Even if you don’t think vegan is important, they are. As promised, the posters will be printed on environmentally friendly lustre paper, using a “giclée” printing process with water-based inks.


Funny-Ann tries to be as sure as possible to buy the right sustainable products. That is why Ann chooses to buy products that meet important quality marks like the FSC paper. In principle, sustainability is not a funny subject. However, if you keep an eye on a number of standards and values, Ann would not know why you can get a lot of pleasure from the same durability. How nice is it when you can drink coffee from a cup that doesn’t poison you and the world.