plant based milk only bottle


  • aluminium bottle
  • one size of 500 ml
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plant based milk only bottle

Funny-Ann’s plant-based milk only bottle is made to avoid confusion. Plant-based milk has a much longer history than many people realize. It is believed by experts that coconut milk has the oldest tradition. Drawings and remnants of making coconut milk have been found in Thailand and Indonesia. But the oldest finds come from New Zealand. The oldest soy milk recipes are found in China and date back to around the 17th century. Almond milk also has a long history. In the Bagdadi cookbook from the 13th century there is a description for making almond milk. The use of making almond milk is known from both Islamic and Christian cultures. In England there is a recipe known from 1390. From India there is a description from 1840. In California, where many almonds grow, recipes are known from the early 19th century.

If you are interested in plant based milk, Proveg has a nice list of alternative milk.

So with ‘plant-based milk only’ you make a statement. A statement for yourself and for the environment. By the way besides plant-based milk you can also put water or lemonade in the bottle. Duhhh. It is up to you of course. A bottle with big letters stating what’s in it puts an end to the confusion. Please reduce single-use plastic and go this eco-friendly insulated plant-based milk bottle that is easy to clean and durable. With this product you can avoid the plastic soup that is threatening our world.


The bottle is 19 cm high, has a capacity of 500 ml and is made of aluminum.

availability of the plant based milk only bottle

The bottle comes in white with a black print. The spout includes a carrying clip, a sort light version of a carabiner for attaching to backpack and carry-ons or what so ever.

maintenance of this bottle

The bottle can be put in the dishwasher, but it is better to wash it by hand. Important: Do not use the bottle in the microwave.


Funny-Ann ships all products in paper and / or cardboard. Orders over 60 euro have free shipping in Europe and over 99 euro free shipping in de whole world..


Funny-Ann always opts for sustainability. At first sight, the production of aluminum is not very environmentally friendly. But the alternative, plastic bottles, is much worse. Aluminum does not degrade in nature either. But an aluminum bottle has a lifespan that is many times longer than a plastic bottle. Aluminum can also be easily recycled.

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