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Funny-Ann for an eco-friendly lifestyle makes funny and thoughtful creations for an eco-friendly lifestyle. You will notice that every design is made on organic and / or recycled materials. And beware of fake! Funny-Ann products can only be purchased through

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Funny-Ann for an eco-friendly lifestyle likes greener. Greener and therefore more sustainable products are a better way to go. That is why it is Ann’s choice to have the Funny-Ann products produced greener. Ann loves the planet, the animals and our health! So to do something with that is obvious! That’s why Ann makes thoughtful designs of organic, biodegradable, recyclable etc. etc. materials. That makes our products a bit more expensive, but Ann can fully support this!

shipping Europe

For Europe there is a Flat-rate possible of 4,99 euro till 60 euro total. Above the 60 euro shipping is free.

shipping world

For the rest of the world a Flat-rate possible of 9,99 euro till 99 euro total. Above the 99 euro shipping is free.

important: All items Funny-Ann ships are shipped in paper or cardboard.


  • feeling Berlin
    Feeling Berlin is not that difficult. At least not for Ann, after all she lives in this city of millions. Berlin is one of those cities that is gray but at the same time so colorful. A city that can be so uncivilized at times, but also so sweet. That describes the feeling of “feeling Berlin”. Berlin carries its history. The pain is still palpable and visible in many places. On the other hand, also a modest pride that the city has once again survived a lot of misery. The Berliner has been through something. And that also makes the city philosophical.
  • non-toxic vegan inks
    This is about the importants of non-toxic vegan inks. Funny-Ann sells Tshirts made of organic cotton and/or recycled materials. That is of course very good. And Ann is proud of that. The shirts have always been inspected by one or other environmental organization for durability and good working conditions. But […]
  • Ann loves people
    Ann loves people. Ann also loves the flowers, the trees, the animals, but certainly people. And that got Ann thinking. With Funny-Ann you can put funny things on a Tshirt. But what’s it worth? What is a nice Tshirt worth when it is made by someone who is slowly poisoned […]

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