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Funny-Ann shop for an eco-friendly lifestyle makes funny and thoughtful creations for an eco-friendly lifestyle. Every design is made of organic and / or recycled materials. Sustainability is perhaps not a funny subject. But that is not an excuse. Certainly not an excuse to do better. That’s why Ann brings sustainability an fun together. And beware of fake! Funny-Ann products can only be purchased through

On this page you find the entire range of all Funny-Ann products in the Funny-Ann shop. From Tshirt to tote bag. And from cycling to vegan. All items together. To be honest, Ann is quite proud of it. You can sort the items by price, review and the latest new item in the store.

shipping Europe

For Europe there is a Flat-rate possible of 4,99 euro till 60 euro total. Above the 60 euro shipping is free.

shipping world

For the rest of the world a Flat-rate possible of 9,99 euro till 99 euro total. Above the 99 euro shipping is free.

Funny-Ann ships in paper and or cardboard. Not in plastic!!! Ann packs the products beautifully. How well it works surprises people. The society has become accustomed to plastic. Way too much. That’s why Funny-Ann is happy to do things differently. No plastic is better.

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